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Dating Safety Tips


Some safety tips to share with all i-meet you members on your first date! Happy dating! 

Avoid unsafe and secluded places

Avoid going to unsafe and secluded locations on the first date.

Arrange your own transportation

After the date, drive home yourself, take a cab or take public transport. When you allow your date to drive you around you can lose control of the situation. If you are not comfortable letting him know where you stay, turn down the request if he wants to pick you up from home or send you home.

Tell someone where you are

Tell your family or closed friends who you are meeting, the place you are planning to meet, and the approximate time you expect to return home. Inform them if there is a change in timing.

Limit alcohol

Drinking excessively on a first date can impair your judgment. Besides you wouldn’t want to make the wrong impression.

Use your judgment

While you are on your date, tune in to your instincts – they will know if the date is not doing right so pay attention. If you need another opinion, excuse yourself and call someone you trust or contact the authorities if you think it is appropriate.

Carry your cell phone

Make sure the battery is charged and your cell phone is working.