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Deon, i-meet you's founder shared on dating tips and questions she got asked by Singles on her "Ask Dr Love Forum".

Question : What I have to do to be successful at dating event to find the right one?

Five Ways To Boost Your Success In A Dating Event Now that you’ve taken the first step to signing up for a dating event, what’s next? Before you start sweating and cursing yourself for your poor judgement, stop right there. You could end up meeting the right one but even if you don’t, hey, at least you’re put yourself out there and making some new friends. So don’t back out just yet. Dating events are fun if you let them be, so let us show you how!


1. Be prepared No, not be prepared for a terrible time or bad company, but be prepared for how you want to  present yourself. Pick out your outfit the day before so you’ll have time to change your mind if you want to. Got that special dress or shirt you’ve been waiting to flaunt? Our tip: wear something you like and know you’ll feel happy in. Along the way, think of some conversational topics you’d like to strike with others. Don’t  feel pressurised to think of something smart to say; just think about what you’d want to know about the other person and it will come easy to you. And of course, plan ahead on how you’re going to get to the venue! We recommend or your trusty Google Maps. If you still can’t seem to find the directions, just call up the friendly contacts at i-meet you and we’ll guide you.


2. Stay positive So you’ve heard some terrible stories about rejection and the ensuing embarrassment. We say, don’t dwell on thoughts of rejection or past poor experiences. Take them in your stride and think about what went wrong, then learn from it. Hush that little voice in your head that ‘boo’s you – worrying and fretting won’t get you where you want to be. Plus, it does nothing to boost your self-esteem, and everyone likes a confident person.


3. Slow down your speech We all have that one friend who speaks too fast and we just can’t get what they’re saying. It’s perfectly understandable if you’re nervous – just don’t get flustered and let that affect the way you speak. Letting your companion miss out on what you’re saying won’t do you any favours, so speak slowly and clearly. People with charisma, power and influence often speak slow and enunciate their words clearly because they believe what they’re saying is important. Take pauses and slow down when you’re feeling nervous. It signals clarity in your thoughts and that you want the other person to listen to you. You’ll be amazed at how it can boost your confidence when you’re in control of what you’re saying.


4. Build on your successes Set realistic and achievable goals. What we mean is, no one is expecting you to fall in love immediately at the next dating event you attend.Give yourself small goals that you know you have a good chance of achieving. For instance, how about exchanging contact cards with at least three other people? Doable? We think so too. This doesn’t just apply to dating events! If you’ve always been too gun shy to do something,step out of your comfort zone. Take that baking class you’ve always wanted to, or join your friend on the next trekking trip. Success builds on success. When you achieve little goals, you’ll feel good about yourself and that’ll increase your confidence. Then next time, you can set your goals slightly higher, which brings us to our last tip.


5. Create opportunities to meet again People can get really flattered if you show interest in seeing them again. Take note of your companion’s interests and hold on to things you two are interested in. So let’s say you two like movies. Bring up a movie you want to watch and see if your companion is keen on watching it too. If you don’t feel ready to meet him/her alone, suggest hanging out in a group setting. There are so many other things you can suggest – you just have to pay attention. Give it a shot and you might just be surprised at your success in securing a second meeting! So there you have it, 5 tricks to boost your confidence in time for your next dating event. Remember, if you let yourself relax and have fun, things will come to you easily without having to try too hard. And who knows, you might just draw people to your radiant aura when you step in knowing you’re looking and feeling your best!