Connector's programme (singles' referral programme).

Below is the programme details. If you are interested, please whatsapp Cindy directly +65 8321 9899 or email to Thanks.


1.1 Company hereby appoints and the Agent (connector) accepts such appointment to conduct:
(i) recommend clients to Divine Connect for the purpose of matchmaking them;
(ii) recommend clients to attend courses conducted by Divine Connect or its related companies.

1.2 The Services will be performed by the Agent or, with the prior written consent of Company, by third-party contractors or coaches appointed by the Agent. For avoidance of doubt, any such delegation to third party contractors shall not relieve the Agent of its obligations hereunder even when Company has approved such delegation.


In consideration of the Agent’s performance its obligations under this Agreement, the Company shall pay the Agent:

a) $60 per match payable on the condition that the client recommended by connector fit the match criteria and met up with Divine Connect’s paid member.

b) $60 per sign up for Skillsfuture Course published on Divine Connect website or its related sister companies. Amount payable upon attendance of the course and full reimbursement by Skillsfuture.

c) 5% for payment of matching package signed by client recommended to Divine Connect.

The Agent should email Divine Connect Pte. Ltd. on a monthly basis within 5 days from the start of the month.

Email must be raised and sent to Divine Connect Pte. Ltd. via email to and

Payment shall be made via interbank fund transfer to the Agent’s designated bank account.