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  • Review of Divine Connect

    YOUR PERFECT MAN IS OUT THERE... AND ELITE DATING SERVICES WILL HELP YOU FIND HIMIf you're super picky, you'll be glad to know that a few dating agencies here are now offering bespoke services27 APR 2017 BY HOE I YUNE An annu...

  • How to Get Into the Girlfriend Zone?

    Falling for a friend, but not ready to confess your feelings just yet? Here are some tips from relationship experts on how to get him to see you in a more romantic light.Take a little initiative.Be enthusiastic. Don't be afraid to talk abou...

  • It's All About Personality

    8 DAYS: Why should people trust Enneagram over other tests like Myer-Briggs test? Unlike the Myer-Briggs Test, Enneagram is a personality assessment that doesn't just condense your personality into four letters - and it's helped mitigate workpla...


    If life were a film, we'd all be wooed by a dashing prince (no, not the singer). Atlas, it's not, so beware a new breed of man masquerading as our favourite fairy-tale male. Here are five signs you're dating one:He hasn't been single for long.He...

  • Decoding his Language

    He says he's not ready to be serious - should you stay or should you go? We get dating experts to clue us in....

  • Crack the Boss Code

    Strategies to get you on your superior's good sides

  • 7 things you should be selfish about

    7 things you should be selfish about in a relationship. Relationship are all about compromise and commitment, but sometimes, it's really OK to focus on yourself.

  • Have You Got Premature Infatuation?

    Yes, it's great to fall in love, but if you're talking marriage and babies by your second date. You may need to slow down. Here's how...

  • 10 Relationship Quickies (That Aren't Sex)

    Busy, time-strapped or always on the go? Here are some fast and easy intimacy boosters to spice things up with your man. 

  • Is the Platonic Sleepover the New Cheating?

    If you've ever shared a bed with someone you're attracted to and kept your clothes on, congratulations - you've just had a platonic sleepover. There was no sex, but it wasn't just nothing either. So can it be considered a hook up?