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You are successful in your career and life. And you are now looking for that special someone to complete your life.

The fact that you have found us show that you might want to do something different, yet clueless of what's happening and looking for a new blend of service that can transform you as well as bring the ideal life partner to you.

We take away all your anxiety, frustration and provide a complete holistic approach in finding your ideal life partner in 2020. Just BOOK A FREE VIRTUAL CONSULTATION NOW to ignite a different 2020 in your life. Currently, we are also offering virtual coaching and matching.                                                                                                                                           您已经成功。您现在正在寻找那个特别的人,使您的生活变得完整。

事实上,你发现我们表明你可能想要尝试一些不同的事情,但对发生的事情一无所知。寻找全新的红娘服务必然可以改变你,并为你带来理想的生活伴侣。  我们会消除你所有的焦虑,沮丧,并提供一个完整的方案,让你在2020年找到你理想的生活伴侣。现在就预订免费咨询,点燃一个不同的2020年。

What you can get out of Divine Connect:

  • Discover your blind spots and understand what is hindering your search for an ideal partner
  • 发现您的盲点并了解阻碍您寻找理想伴侣的方面

  • Understand why dating can be wasting your time and effort will get you to no-where
  • 明白为什么约会可能会浪费您的时间,以及您的努力为何会毫无结果

  • Learn about your strengths and weaknesses, and be a confident person
  • 了解您的优势和劣势,成为一个有自信的人

  • Unravel your past baggages and receive practical solutions from our coaches
  • 消除您过去的思想包袱并从我们的导师那里得到实用的解决方案

  • Re-engineer your personal image and bring the best out of you
  • 重新设计您的个人形象,把自己最好的一面呈现出来

  • Be your best and meet your ideal partner
  • 成为最好的自己,遇到理想的伴侣

Our Services

Enneagram Profiling   九型性格特征分析 

Personalised Coaching   1对1指导  

Premium Events   高端活动

Personalised Matching   1对1配对