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Book Appointment 预约

Congratulations! You have taken a proactive step towards enriching your love life. Let us impress you with our full range of services when you book an appointment to meet one of our highly qualified consultants.


Consultation 咨询

Come and meet up with our friendly consultant to get to know you better and help you in finding the right one.


Online Profiling 在线性格分析

Are you the sanguine by nature? Or you are calm and collected? We generate matches based on your profile and what you are looking for with Divine Connect, our very own customised matching system.

您是否属于乐观的性格?或者您是冷静和内敛的性格?我们根据您的资料以及您寻求Divine Connect的目的,通过我们自己的定制配对系统,生成配对人选。

Attend Workshop 参加座谈会

Ever wonder why are you in a vicious cycle when it comes to dating? Keen to discover your personality’s strengths, weaknesses and blindspots? Looking for your next breakthrough? You will learn more in our Enneagram personality workshop.没有想过您为什么您的约会会成为一种恶性循环?是否热衷于发现您的性格优势、劣势和盲点?寻找下一个突破?您将在我们的九型人格座谈会中学习更多信息。

Personalised Coaching 个性化指导

Are you ready for transformative coaching to bring out the best in you?


Please click here for our team of certified coaches.

Meet Your Matches 与您的匹配对象见面

It’s time for the big reveal. Are you ready to connect with your matches? However, we do not guarantee marriage as part of the matching process.


Invitation to Events 活动邀请

Are you ready to meet like-minded individuals? Attend our events professionally ran by the Premier Networking Club.


With a history of over 2,500 years, the Enneagram is a very powerful tool for personal awareness, growth and transformation.

Enneagram maps out nine distinct strategies for each type to relate to the self, others and the world. Each Enneagram type has a different pattern of thinking, feeling and acting that arises from a deeper inner motivation or worldview. With Enneagram, one will begin to understand external behaviors, underlying attitudes and motivations, base emotions, conscious and unconscious motivations, defense mechanisms etc of any person you meet.

Understanding Enneagram helps people recognize and understand an overall pattern in human behavior for business management, personal development and relationship management. This tool also provides path for growth for every individual type so one can become an all-rounded and productive person in life. Being more aware of one’s self and the world around, is the first step to any transformation.




If you have been doing the same thing and expecting a different result, you are insane, according to Albert Einstein. Come and experience our customized coaching programme for individual. We coach our clients base on the uniqueness of every single individual. There is no one size fits all advice for everyone. As we use the Enneagram Personality Profiling to help you understand their strengths, weaknesses, blind spots and motivations, we are able to customize our coaching sessions to bring the best out of you. After a series of customized sessions with our trained coaches, you will be able to walk out of your closet and be confident to meet new people! If you are sick and tired of your old ways. Try something new! You never try, you never know. And we offer Money Back Guarantee. This is how confident we are in what we do best!


Each coaching session is 2-3 hours.


Who are the coaches? 导师是谁?

Led by Cindy Leong our Chief Dating Coach who has developed the coaching syllabus after coaching thousands of singles, our team is made up of eligible, accredited and trained coaches who have been in the dating industry for at least 3 years. Meet some of our coaches below. R-L: Cindy Leong, Deon Chan, Serene Wong, Chen Xinni and Leah Goh.

Please click here for our team of certified coaches.

在我们的总导师—梁老师(在向成百上千的单身人士提供指导后,制定了指导教学大纲)带领下,我们的团队由合格、经认证且受过培训的导师组成,这些导师已经在约会行业工作了至少3年。下面是我们的团队。右至左Cindy LeongDeon ChanSerene WongChen XinniLeah Goh

Why do you need a coach? 为什么需要导师?

There is often a gap between theory and practical and our coaches are trained to provide customized sessions to lead you to your breakthrough. Our coaches are passionate and committed to help you achieve your transformational goals. Maintaining accountable is the key to any lasting change. We ensure that your journey with us is an enjoyable one, and your transformation is a lasting one.


When and where are the sessions conducted?在何时和何地提供课程?

We usually conduct the sessions in our office at a convenient time for yourself.


What can you learn?您能学到什么?

You will learn how to develop your strengths and work on your weaknesses and blind spots. We adopt the Enneagram Personality Profiling Tool and it is by far one of the best tools to help individuals gain clarity of their personality and relationship development. You will understand why have you been encountering certain cycles or patterns in your past relationships. You can then be coached to become confident in yourself and learn to shine!


After a series of customized sessions with our trained coaches, you will be able to walk out of your closet and be confident to meet new people! If you are sick and tired of your old ways. Try something new! You never try, you never know. We guarantee to increase your mate value. This is how confident we are in what we do best!


Request for a 1 to 1 assessment with our Dating Coach today!我们的导师今天为您提供11评估!

We want to get to know you. A face-to-face chatting session will be arranged to help us better understand your personality and expectation.

It would be followed with an in-depth understanding of your personality, habits and outlook using our online matching system which is user friendly and fast. The profiling is to help you to become self-aware of your own traits and needs. This would start the self-discovery process aided by one-to-one coaching session to transform your external and internal self to be more charismatic.