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We verify the single status of all our members


No Ashley Madisom business here. All of our members are subjected to vetting of marital status and identification card number verification prior to being linked to other singles.


You can get dating tips online


Our online platform helps to provide quick answers to the questions you have regarding dating.我们的在线平台有帮您快速解答关于约会的问题。

Below is a listing of FAQ (Frequently asked questions) regarding our services:

1.     Q:What is the current database of female/male/graduates/PMETs.

A:Most of them are graduates or post graduates, professionals in the finance, engineering, IT, law, safety, education and medical industry.

2. Q: Ratio of male and female in your database.

A: Our date base consist of 40% males, 60% females. .

3. Q: Since when is your company set up ?

A: Divine Connect is into it's 4th year and is a sister company of Love Express, which has been 12 years in the dating industry.

4. Q: When is your company accredited?

A: Divine Connect was accredited in 2017

5. Q:What is it like to be matched to another client of yours, would I get to know her/his details e.g., photos, educational background etc?

A: We would only be showing a write up of the other party. Photos will only be shown for certain package with mutual consent from both parties.

6. Q: What is the matching process like and how do you do the matching?

A: We have the algorithm to conduct the match. 70% is considered a good match. And the matches will also be approved by our Chief coach.

7. Q: In what ways are you better than other agencies?

A: You will be assured that our clients are aware of their personality strengths, weaknesses and blindspots. Our process is there to ensure that everyone knows what they are getting themselves into.

8. Q: What is the coaching process like and how do you do the coaching?

A:We have 2 hours 1 to 1 coaching and 3 hours group coaching.

9. Q: How qualified are your coaches and consultants?

A: Our coaches are either Psychology or counselling trained, and are accredited dating practitioners. They have been in this industry for at least 4 years.

10. Q: I think your price is too low, can you justify?

A: Many people who needs coaching cannot afford it. In comparison with executive coaching, we are priced lower, but all we want to do is to help as many people as possible.

11. Q: what's age range of clients in the agency?

A: Most of them are 26 to 45 years old


1) Q:现在你们的资料库里的男女是属于什么专业?

A: 大多数都是属于大学毕业生,硕士学位。现在都在做有关金融,电子,法律,安全部门,教育 和医学的职业。

2) Q: 现在你们资料库里的男女比例是什么?

A: 男生占四十巴仙,女生占六十巴仙。

3) Q: 你们的公司是几时建立的?

A: Divine Connect 以建立了四年。况且建立了十二年的红娘公司Love Express 也是我们 的姐妹公司.

4) Q: 你们的公司是几时被认可的?

A: Diviner Connect 是在2017 被认可的。

5) Q: 如果我和另一方被配对,我是否会知道对方的资料?比如;照片,学业背景等等

A:我们只会让对方看他们的自我介绍.在一些的配套里,如果有彼此的允许,我们才 会让对方看照片。

6) Q: 配对过程是什么样子的?你们是如何挑选我们的配对?

A: 我们会利用以收集好的九型图资料来为你挑选对象。如果彼此有至少七十巴仙相似,平且配对也必须要经过主导师的认可才可以成功.

7) Q: 你和别的红娘公司有什么区别?

A: 在我们公司,所有的会员都会知道自己的强项,弱点和盲点。在这配对和专业指导的过程,所有人都会知道自己如何更好的与对方相处。

8) Q: 你们的咨询过程是什么?你们是如何让我经过这个咨询?

A: 你们会有两个小时的一对一咨询,之后会有三个小时的团体咨询。

9) Q: 你们的导师和顾问都专业吗?

A: 我们的导师都有经过心理学或者辅导的训练, 况且 他们都是红娘认证。他们至少在这行四年了。

10) Q: 我觉得你的报价有一点低,你是否能辩解?

A: 很多需要咨询的人都无法负担,所以我们和外面相比价格会比较低。我们只希望能帮越多人越好。

11) Q: 资料库里的成员大约几岁?

A: 他们大多数在 二十六岁 和四十五岁之间。

You are coached on a one-on-one basis


We coach our clients base on the uniqueness of every single individual. There is no one size fits all advice for everyone. As we use the Enneagram Personality Profiling to help you understand their strengths, weaknesses, blind spots and motivations, we are able to customize our coaching sessions to bring the best out of you. After a series of customized sessions with our trained coaches, you will be able to walk out of your closet and be confident to meet new people! If you are sick and tired of your old ways. Try something new! You never try, you never know. And we offer Money Back Guarantee. This is how confident we are in what we do best!

Each coaching session is 2-3 hours.



We match you according to holistic criteria


Our matching system is holistic, user friendly and all-encompassing giving you the most accurate matches. The matching logic is based on research performed on singles in Singapore and curated by dating expert, Deon Chan, founder of an accredited dating agency Love Express based on her personal experience in helping thousands of singles since 2007 and Cindy Leong, a dating coach since 2013.

我们的配对系统是一个整体、用户友好、包罗万象的系统,因此能够为您提供最准确的配对。配对逻辑基于对新家坡单身人员进行的调查,此项调查由一家认证约会代办处Love Express的创始人,同时为约会专家的 Deon Chan在其自2007年通过帮助成百上千名单身人员获得的个人经验组织,组织者还包括Cindy Leong,自2013年获得了约会教练资质。