About Us

You are successful. You have climbed to the top of the corporate ladder. And you are now looking for that special someone to complete your life. Finding the right one can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. We get it. Divine Connect is all about you. Our single-most important priority is to match you with like-minded individuals who could very well be your life partner-to-be.

Divine Connect is a premier matchmaking agency backed by industry experts with a sum total of more than a decade of experience.

您已经成功。您已经矗立于公司最顶层。您现在正在寻找那个特别的人,使您的生活变得完整。找到合适的人犹如大海捞针。我们明白其中的艰辛。Divine Connect会给您提供所有您想要的。我们最重要的一项优先权是让您与志趣相投的人配对,这些人能非常适合成为您的生活伴侣。

Divine Connect是一家高端的婚介机构,一批拥有数十年相关经验的行业专家是我们的坚强的后盾。

No more blind dates.

We believe in personalised matching; every match is meticulously selected for you. Feeling a little rusty when it comes to dating? No problem. Our coaches are here to help you.

We are a life company and we are here to help you find your perfect fit.


  • Our Founders
  • Mission, Vision, Values

Love may be a game for some, but we mean serious business. Divine Connect is founded by Deon Chan and Cindy Leong, both having amassed more than a decade worth of experience in the dating industry.


Deon is the founder and Managing Director of Love Express, an accredited dating agency set up in 2007, which organizes over 200 events per year and has reached out to more than 20,000 singles in Singapore. She is a SDN-accredited Dating Practitioner. She also co-hosts “Ask Dr Love” - a SDN online forum for singles to ask questions relating to marriage, relationship and dating. She has been interviewed and quoted by major news media: Straits Times, Business Times, MyPaper, Today et cetera as well as leading magazines. She has also been invited to Radio and TV programmes to share about her experience and insights about helping singles to date successfully.

陈秀芳是速配良缘的创始人兼总经理,速配良缘2007年成立的一家认证的约会代办处,该机构每年将组织超过200场活动,已经为新家坡超过20,000名单身提供帮助。她是一位通过SDN认证的约会服务从业者。她也是“Ask Dr Love”的联合主办人,Ask Dr Love是供单身人士询问与婚姻、关系和约会有关问题的SDN在线论坛。她已经被主要新闻媒体的采访和介绍,包括:《海峡时报》、《商业时报》、《我报》、《今日》等等以及各大杂志。她还被邀请到电台和电视节目中,分享她成功地帮助单身人士的经验和见解。

Cindy is a member of ICF (International Coach Federation), a member of the SPS (Singapore Psychological Society), SDN-accredited Dating Practitioner, and an Enneagram Trainer and Relationship Coach who founded Relationship Studio. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and specializes in the area of Dating and Mating Choices, Through her expertise in dating, relationship and image coaching, Cindy has helped many professionals in their walk through challenging times, especially in the area of identity and relationship searching and building. She is a writer for an online sex & sexuality magazine, SimplySxy. She has published two books: SuffeRing or ConqueRing – ”Happy Marriages in Singapore" and "The Heart of an Adulterous Woman“. Several radio stations and magazines have also invited her as a guest consultant to provide insight into the seemingly simple yet complex dating industry. She is also a certified wedding planner.

Our mission: To help singles find the right one in order to forge a long term relationship.


Our vision: To be the leading global dating agency providing customized, personal and targeted matching and coaching services to singles.


Our values我们的价值观:

Integrity – to maintain integrity at all time


Professionalism – to provide professional service with due care


Transparency – to be transparent in all dealings with client, employees and partners


Care and Concern for people – to show care and concern for client, employees and partners


Innovativeness – to source innovative dating solutions for clients to meet their changing needs