Our Coaches

Xinni Chen

SDN Accredited Practitioner, Dating Coach,

Certified Counsellor

Xinni is an accredited SDN Dating Practitioner and has a strong passion in connecting with singles to prepare them for their love relationship.She helps singles find their inner self and attract the right people. She truly believes every individual is a jewel and helps each one to constantly improve himself to bring out the sparkle, shine and values within.

Xinni has accumulated more than 17 years of human resource knowledge in her experience, having graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce (HRM & Mgt) degree and Specialist Diploma in Psychology and Counselling. She has conducted numerous coaching and counselling sessions during her tenure.


Serene Chin

SDN Accredited Practitioner, Dating Coach,

Author, Certified Make-up Consultant

Serene has been married for over seven years and has done in-depth research in the areas of Gender Communications, Mating Choices, and Image Consultancy. She is an SDN-Accredited dating practitioner and a published author of “Could You Love Me?”.

Serene has empowered numerous working professionals and business owners to develop their emotional intelligence, skillset and confidence for success in interpersonal relationships.


Leah Goh

SDN Accredited Practitioner, Dating Coach,

Image Consultant

With nine years of experience in the dating industry, Leah is a very experienced Singapore Social Development Network, SDN-Accredited dating practitioner. Having hosted more than hundreds of dating events, she is one of the veterans in the industry. Apart from providing personalised coaching and dating services to many singles, Leah has successfully coached and matched men and women for relationship towards marriage.

Leah is a strong believer in building long-term relationships and she has witnessed and learnt that effective communication and self-growth are some important keys to a successful relationship. This is the reason why she is passionate about coaching individuals in grooming, and to enable them to tap on their inner potential for dating.

Leah is also a certified Image Consultant and conducts workshops to help men and women enhance their image in creating a unique style as an individual.


Anthonia (Toni) Neo

ICF Associated Certified Coach, Enneagram and ACTA Trainer, Masters in Family Education, SDN Accredited Dating Practitioner

Toni is an ACTA-certified trainer and Integrative Enneagram coach, who is able to help you make sense of your personal relationships. She works with individuals to achieve their personal goals. Over the years she has helped many find clarity in their personal relationships.
Toni also has a Masters in Family Education from the European Institute of Educational Sciences and is passionate about educating and coaching individuals and couples on dating, relationship and marriage.

Toni believes to be happy, one needs to have a clear vision of our desired life and pursuing that vision. Toni does this by helping her clients gain optimism and purpose for their life journey - empowering them with clarity, growing their potential, and guiding them through the learning they need in order to move forward and achieve transformation, happiness and fulfillment.

She graduated with a Business Degree from NUS and has been a trainer and a coach for the last seven years. Her main area of focus is on communication, management, relationship and executive coaching.


Vivien Yap

Enneagram Trainer, Life Coach, Style Coach


Vivien is a Singapore government certified ACTA Trainer who is passionate about empowering individuals with effective communication and leadership skills! Her corporate workshops have also equipped organisations to reach their maximum potential and improve work place cohesiveness through practical people management tools.

As a certified Enneagram Coach and through her powerful life message of overcoming a dark past, she has inspired thousands and helped many clients to make lasting positive transformation in their lives through her personable 1-on-1 coaching in the last 14 years.

She is also currently mentoring 80 youth leaders, encouraging them to give back and make a positive impact in their communities!

Vivien is also an established Style Coach with more than a decade’s experience in the styling and costume industry. She coaches clients to develop their personal style through having a healthy self-image. Learn all about your body shape, style personality, dressing with confidence, presenting your best image forward and so much more!